Kama Rani's Powerful Ingredients

Kama Rani's potent formulation works continuously to support estrogenic activity and rejuvenates genital health to heighten female libido. Key ingredients include extracts of:

Ashwagandha - Heightens sexual experience, restores sexual drive, increases endurance, and improves overall vitality while promoting a calm state of mind.

Asparagus Adscendens - Heightens sexual experience.

Chinese Smilax - Supports healthy inflammation response.

Shatavari - Supports healthy estrogenic activity, soothes the body to relieve stress, nurtures the reproductive system, and strengthens and nourishes tissues.

Bacopa - Promotes nutrition delivery to genitals.

Spanish Pellitory - Bolsters natural sensitivity of genitals.

Tribulus - Fosters healthy libido.

Bamboo - Supports reproductive system.

Black Gram - Boosts aphrodisiac activity.

Nutmeg - Supplies antioxidants to boost energy, stimulates the central nervous system, and warms the loins.

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